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Orbit securities Pvt. Limited will accept from the register  Account holder’s Payments through Cross Cheques “AC Payee Only”, Bank Draft, Pay Oder and Others banking instruments with crossed favor of Company mandate banks account only in case of amount in cash excessed of Rupees  =25000/- .

Where cash transactions are being proposed by the client and such requests would not be in accordance with the known behavior of the client. Orbit Securities Limited needs to approach such situations with caution and make further relevant enquiries.

Electronic money transfer (online funds transfer, banking apps and others) will be accepted only to registered account holders whose IBAN number is mentioned in the NCCPL client KYC data.

In exceptional circumstances where it becomes necessary for the Company to accept an amount in cash exceeding Rs.=25000/-, such instance shall be reasonably reported to the Exchange by such mechanism as may be prescribed by the Exchange under PSX Rule Book

Any change in email address, mobile number, office phone number, mailing address, registered/ permanent addresses or other related information should be intimated immediately to the broker