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Our vision at Orbit Securities Private Limited (OSPL) is to become Pakistan’s preferred stock market broker. We are committed to providing you, our clients, with the optimal environment to enhance your trading experience and boost your performance.

We strive to provide our valued clients with actionable ideas. As a client of OSPL, your decision to trade with us entitles you to the best trading conditions at all times. We constantly deliver top-quality services including execution, settlement, research, and risk management to enhance your trading experience.

As a capital market player, you need to have confidence in your broker and access to value-adding market insight to protect and grow your investment. OSPL fully meets these requirements. We have valuable brand equity in the local market that has been recognized by our valued clients;

At OSPL, we adhere to the saying by Mian Hammad ‚ÄúPeople of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They so out and make thing happen” As testament to this statement, Retail clients are serviced through OSPL Trade, Pakistan’s efficient online trading platform. A professional in-house research team provides premium fundamental and technical analysis to trade our clients’ in their decision-making process.

As echoed by our corporate values, we understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the client and believe that success comes from having a long-term vision, especially when it comes to relationship building. We thus aim to meet and surpass your expectations by providing a secure, comfortable, and reliable investment environment.

I invite you to browse our website and discover who we are and learn more fully how OSPL can advance your investment and business needs. In this spirit, thank you for selecting OSPL company as your broker of choice and all the best in your future trading.